Pro Tips

Pro Tips


To get optimum germination rates we recommend using seed starters in a high humidity, controlled environment. (ie rock wool cubes under humidity dome) with low light (ie. T5) until you see sprouts When you see sprouts it is time to bring in a low power light that you can place close to the sprout to avoid stretching of the new seedling.

PRO TIP: When you start to see roots forming under the rock wool it is time to plant into whatever growth medium you will be using (we transplant into one-gallon pots using Royal Gold “tuper” – coco blend for drainage).  Seed starters need to be kept damp but not flooded for optimum germination times and rates.


All CBG Seed Source seeds are feminized.  This means we use female pollen to pollenate the female plants. This process produces feminized seed, or seed that 99% of the time will produce a female plant.

PRO TIP:  You still need to scout for male plants as feminized plants are 99% female so in a 500 seed order you can expect to see 5 plants on average that are male.  With decades of combined genetics, cultivation and cannabis supply chain experience, you have a trusted partner you can count on for high feminization and germination rates. 

Seed vs Clone:

Not all seed will result in identical plants.  Seed is seed and not a clone of a plant which means that the plant may have outliers.  Clones are 100% exact same plant, seeds take the genetic makeup of the parent plants and can have varied results.  CBG Seed source provides 20% seed overage with every order to account for loss and variation.

PRO TIP: Outliers can be good – pheno-hunting is how we found our specific strains we work with!


Autoflower is a characteristic that gives the cannabis plant the ability to start and complete the flowering phase as a result of the plant’s age without reducing daylight hours to a typical 12-12 light cycle. The characteristics of autoflower seeds are a result of plants containing ruderalis genes.  High CBG strains originate from the ruderalis plant and inherently have some auto flower tendencies and characteristics. Although this has been mainly been corrected through selective breeding processes over many years, you may encounter some auto flower plants a few weeks into the vegetative cycle. CBG Seed source provides 20% seed overage with every order to account for loss and variation.

PRO TIP: Autoflower plants will not hurt your crop or contaminate it in any way, but they will flower regardless of the light cycle.


Hermaphrodites, or plants that have both male and female characteristics, should be culled in the unlikely event they present themselves.

PRO TIP: hermaphrodites mostly happen when the plant is extremely stressed. If you happen to find a hermaphrodite remove from the garden ASAP and re-evaluate growing conditions.


CBG Seed Source recommends topping and/or FIMing the plant to encourage lateral branching which results in a bushier plant with more bud sites.

PRO TIP:  You can top or FIM many times and can control the shape and girth of the plant this way.


When ordering seed from CSS, you can expect fast and secure shipping. All seed shipments from CSS will contain the required seed labels, licenses, and test results to be compliant with the USDA and CODOA hemp program.

PRO TIP:  Read and understand our shipping process to best fit your needs. If you have an expedited need please call us at 430-224-7333 or email