We produce the highest grade CBG rich feminized hemp seed available. Our breeding objectives and genetic improvement strategies are focused on producing compliant, feminized, high yielding, superior high CBG stains.

Our commitment is to breed industrial Medical hemp cultivars that can maximize harvest profitability and medicinal use. Through proprietary techniques we produce rare feminized high cbg hemp seed.

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Why is feminized seed important? Feminized seed is worth the extra up-front cost for a couple reasons:

1.) Higher Profits- With regular non-feminized hemp seed it is likely to contain a 50/50 split of males and females, cultivators will need to cull roughly half their crop already growing in the field significantly cutting into profits. When planting CBG Seed Source feminized hemp seed, you can feel confident you will have a much higher percentage of female to male plants that will grow into a high CBG resin producer.

2.) Less Work- When buying non-feminized hemp seed you spend significantly less time in the field or garden identifying and culling males. Lots of time and materials are spent growing males plants that need to be culled in the field after identifying their sex during the bloom cycle.

3.) Maximize Production- When using feminized seed, you can maximize production. Since non-pollinated female hemp plants don’t produce seed, you can utilize the whole plant for extraction or the flower for smokable purposes. Pollenated female plants and male plants in general are going to have lower CBG test results and have lower total cannabinoids as the pollinated plant exerts effort to produce seeds rather than cannabinoids, and the seed produced does not contain cannabinoids bringing the total down significantly.