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Craft Hemp

Our focus is on producing small-batch feminized craft CBG hemp seed to share with cultivators around the world.  Our innovative breeding and cultivation techniques allow for continued development of new strains.  Our genetics produce smooth smokeable CBG flower and/or high content CBG biomass that carves out a niche of distinctiveness.

Why are we craft hemp?  Well, we start by only focusing on strains rich in CBG.  Our team has been pheno hunting since 2018 to find, improve and stabilize strains high in CBG content.  We operate in mid-sized environmentally controlled greenhouses, hand water to minimize usage, and follow additional environmentally friendly growing practices.  Our strains produce a very smooth and terpene rich smokeable flower. At CSS, we are committed to quality and strive to raise the industry standard.  Our mission is to provide cultivators with hemp seed rich in CBG, provide best in class customer support, and demonstrate complete end to end transparency. 

Why feminized hemp seeds are better?

By using feminized seeds, growers can avoid the guesswork of what the plants sex will be, male or female. With regular hemp seed, growers will need to carefully monitor their plants so they can identify the males and cull them.

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