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Extensive R&D over the years has enabled CSS to stabilize our strains, which produce the same result each and every time you pop a seed and grow a plant.  By improving the stability of our strains, we’re able to provide decreased variability and increased predictability.

All CSS hemp strains consistently test less than 0.3% total THC as required by the USDA final rule which took effect March 22, 2021.  With decades of combined genetics, cultivation and cannabis supply chain experience, you have a trusted partner you can count on for high feminization and germination rates. When ordering seed from CSS, you can expect fast and secure shipping.  We only ship Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday via 2-day delivery to ensure your special cargo doesn’t hang out in an uncontrolled environment for extended periods of time.  All seed shipments from CSS will contain the required seed labels, licenses, and test results to be compliant with the USDA and CODOA hemp program.

Why feminized hemp seeds are better?

By using feminized seeds, growers can avoid the guesswork of what the plants sex will be, male or female. With regular hemp seed, growers will need to carefully monitor their plants so they can identify the males and cull them.

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