Understanding CBG: A 2022 Guide to ‘The Mother of All Cannabinoids’

In September 2021, the first survey of people who use CBG-predominant cannabis strains was conducted. It revealed that up to 80% of participants said CBG was better at helping them manage common health symptoms like chronic pain, insomnia, depression, and anxiety than their standard medications. 

What’s more, a 2022 peer-reviewed group of studies by Willow Biosciences found that CBG helped repair skin barriers, improve elasticity, and elevate hydration levels to provide anti-aging effects.

So what exactly is CBG?

Understanding CBG: the “Mother of all Cannabinoids”

CBG (short for Cannabigerol) is a compound found in the cannabis plant known as a ‘cannabinoid’, which is a type of signaling agent. There are actually close to 150 different cannabinoids found in cannabis, and CBG, CBD, and THC are some of the most popular.  

Cannabinoids and Mind-Body Balance: Why They’re Important

When cannabinoids are used by people in smoke or oil-based products, they have been shown to mimic, enhance, or increase certain health-balancing compounds found naturally in the human body called ‘endocannabinoids’ (AKA internal cannabinoids).

Why is this so important?

It’s because endocannabinoids help your body achieve an optimal state of wellness by balancing your ‘Endocannabinoid System‘ (ECS).  This system is so important for your overall health and wellness that it’s sometimes called the Master Oversight system. It helps regulate a number of key processes, including:

  • Metabolism
  • Digestion
  • Pain Responses
  • Inflammation
  • Mood
  • Cognition
  • Motor Coordination
  • Sleep-Wake Cycles
  • Immune Responses

CBG’s Leading Role in Cannabinoid Chemistry

CBG has often been called ‘The Mother of all Cannabinoids’. This is because many of the main cannabis compounds that help replenish the ECS start off as CBG’s precursor, CBGA (Cannabigerolic Acid).

Enzymes in cannabis use CBGA to make THCA, CBDA, and CBCA. Each of these compounds must then must have its carboxyl ring removed (in a process known as decarboxylation) in order to activate the cannabinoids we know as THC, CBD, CBC, and CBG.  

In other words, CBGA actually helps ‘give birth’ to CBD, CBG, CBC, and THC!

6 Potential Benefits of CBG

In addition to managing stress, anxiety, and pain, and helping repair and hydrate skin to create anti-aging effects, CBG has been shown to help manage and improve a growing number of other health conditions.

It does this, in part, by binding to the two main receptors found in the Endocannabinoid System, CB1 and CB2.

Here are 6 potential health benefits of CBG.

1. Fighting Bacterial Infections 

Research reveals CBG was the most effective cannabinoid in clearing up antibiotic-resistant strains of Staphylococcus aureus, a difficult-to-treat staph infection. It also may help fight some forms of Gram-negative bacterial infections.

2. Treating Glaucoma

According to the CDC, about 3 million people in the U.S. have glaucoma, and it’s the world’s second leading cause of blindness. CBG research reveals it may help lower intraocular blood pressure (IOP), which is the main cause of glaucoma.

3. Inhibiting Cancer Cell Growth

CBG has shown promise for inhibiting tumor growth in colon cancer. It also has been shown to inhibit the spread of glioblastoma, a form of brain tumor, and reduce cancer cell spread in breast, prostate, and glandular (adenocarcinoma) cancers.  

4. Protecting Neural (Nerve) Cells

The neuroprotectant properties of CBG make it a promising potential treatment for conditions such as Huntington’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and multiple sclerosis.  It’s may manage the symptoms of these conditions through a number of pathways and mechanisms, including regulating both inflammatory responses and the uptake and release of certain hormones and neurotransmitters like dopamine. 

5. Managing Metabolic Syndrome

When several types of health conditions occur at once, this is known as ‘metabolic syndrome‘. These conditions include high blood pressure, extra waist fat, high blood sugar, and abnormal cholesterol levels. Metabolic syndrome increased significantly in certain groups in recent years, including in Asian and Hispanic adults, women, and adults aged 20-39.

CBG is the only cannabinoid known to stimulate adrenergic receptors. This aids in properly regulating insulin release, which helps with both body fat and blood sugar levels.  In addition, as with glaucoma, it’s been shown to dilate blood vessels in order to help lower blood pressure. It may also help reduce stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system response to reduce BP.

6. Treating Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Studies have revealed that CBG’s anti-inflammatory properties and ability to act as an antagonist on Serotonin 5-HT receptors make it worthy of further research for treating Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). 

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