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Not all hemp seed is created equal. At CBG Seed Source we are committed to breeding feminized, stable, consistent, and compliant CBG genetics. Our R&D team has developed and continues to develop high-performance feminized craft hemp varietals. All of our high percentage CBG seeds are feminized and minimize crop pollination. Serious cultivators know selecting the right cannabinoid rich genetics is paramount to the success of their crops.

We are not a broker! We grow our CBG plants in the intense high-altitude sun of Colorado. We grow our plants in commercial light deprivation greenhouses and we use an in-house feminization process. Our mission is to support farmers with feminized hemp genetics rich in terpenes and CBG and provide best in class customer support.

CBG Seed Source was established in 2018, with over 40 years of combined experience in genetics, cultivation and the cannabis supply chain. CBG Seed Source is your trusted partner that you can count on for high feminization ratios, cannabinoid content and germination rates. As the hemp industry expands from CBD to other cannabinoids, CBG rich cannabis is well positioned to turbocharge the hemp business and deliver high annual returns for farmers and hemp processors. We encourage you to look at our test results from state certified labs.

For the Hobby farmer CBG Seed source has done all the work for you, and our certified test results back up our product unlike some of our competitors promoting hemp CBG seeds that have minimal or zero CBG with non-compliant THC levels. Get the same high-quality seeds we sell to commercial hemp farms. Hobby farmers can now grow your own CBG and make herbal supplements at home. Our flowers are rich in terpenes and have full-bodied aromas.

Premium CBG Hemp Seed

Feminized Hemp Seed

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We produce the highest grade CBG rich feminized hemp seed available. Our breeding objectives and genetic improvement strategies are focused on producing compliant, high yielding, superior CBG stains. Without high cultivator satisfaction, the industrial hemp sector cannot grow!

Craft Hemp

Our focus is on producing small-batch feminized craft CBG hemp seed to share with cultivators around the world. Our innovative breeding and cultivation techniques allow for continued development of new strains. Our genetics produce smooth smokeable CBG flower and/or high content CBG biomass that carves out a niche of distinctiveness.


Extensive R&D over the years has enabled CSS to stabilize our strains, which produce the same result each and every time you pop a seed and grow a plant. By improving the stability of our strains, we’re able to provide decreased variability and increased predictability.


CBG Hemp Seed


4.5 (2 Reviews)

Double Black Label is a feminized strain with up to 23.63% CBGA content.

Summit CBG

4.5 (2 Reviews)

LOW QTY's LEFT !!!! SUMMIT CBG is a feminized strain with up to 15% CBGA content.

White Buffalo CBG

4.5 (2 Reviews)

WHITE BUFFALO is a feminized strain with up to 18% CBG content.


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Why feminized hemp seeds are better?

By using feminized seeds, growers can avoid the guesswork of what the plants sex will be, male or female. With regular hemp seed, growers will need to carefully monitor their plants so they can identify the males and cull them.

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